Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Capital Croon

A strange thing happened today.

While peering out my office window at the incessant Arden Way mechanized rat race and admiring Sacramento's current monochromatic, toxic soup skyline (which no doubt foreshadows the coming Apocalypse), I suddenly burst into song...

~Ode To Sacramento~

Crystallized meth dens and hobos with kittens~

Crack whores that beckon, pretending they're smitten~

Red-necks and racists and biker drug rings~

Sac Town has all of my faaaavorite things!

Pot holes and craters in most of the freeways~

Where oversized pick-ups and giant Humvees play~

Huge 'No Fear' stickers and children with bling~

Sac Town has all of my faaaavorite things!

Wannabe gangsters with stagecoach-sized tires~

Our poo-filled rivers and smog from the fires~

Capital city, your praises I sing!

Cause' you have all of my faaavorite things!

Sac Town has all of my fa-vor-ite thi-iiiings!


AnnaC said...

sounds like you are keeping it all in perspective... hope the windows were closed and the AC with good Hepa filters were on...

Aub said...

Yeah, Sacramento survival necessitates an at least partially-developed sense of humor. And yes, thank (choose deity) for filtered AC.

April said...

Hey brother, we are laying here reading all you have to say....and laughing!! You are so very very special, and we wouldn't want you any other way.

Aub said...

Thanks, sis.