Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Blogless-Will Work For Food

Well, it seems there has been an unacceptable lapse in time since my last entry. I'm gonna blame this one on my job, which has been the source of much soul-sucking dismay as-of-late.

If you don't already know, I'm a radio anchor for a teensie-tiny, itty-bitty radio wire service. I read supposedly up-to-date news, traffic and weather reports on A.M. stations that the average person wouldn't know existed. As a matter-of-fact, I just finished reading reports for a hip-hop gospel station we provide news for. Yes, hip-hop...gospel. Despite my best efforts, I just can't seem to "get it crunk in the name of the lord up in here," as one the (admittedly talented) artists suggests on a nearly daily basis. I just don't get...crunk all that often these days.

If I were to, it would likely be in the name of scotch (no offense meant to any unspecified deity that might be watching me with an index finger at the ready on a lightning bolt button). Yup, I'd get crunk...with Johnnie Walker as my witness. So, for me at least, if drunk=crunk, and I'm aiming to get crunk in the lord's name, then crunk in the lord's name=drunk in the lord's name, which I'm not altogether sure is a balanced equation. I got my degree in journalism, not mathematics.

But I digress...this was supposed to be an explanation of my blatant absenteeism on the blog front. Candidly, I hate my job, and have been spending my evenings scouring the Web for anything sweet in a realm reeking of a foul new fragrance named "Recession."

This whole malcontent thing has been brewing daily, much like the coffee I'm paid with. I mean shit, I essentially recycle news reports from sources that employ real reporters, who actually go out and...well, report. For example: John Q. Reporter wrote a story for today's Sacramento Bee about the upcoming mayoral runoff that I need. I take the information supplied in the story and trim it, re-arrange the words, descriptions, information and so forth, until...Shazam! I've got a shiny-new, radio-ized version of what somebody else already wrote.

Anybody that goes to school starts out an idealist-no exceptions. I mean, yeah, every journalism student is told early on that there's "no money in the business." Every prospective Ed Murrow or Diane Sawyer gets skull-fucked through the ear hole with the "it's a labor of love" rant early on, but nobody, I repeat, NOBODY graduates college thinking, "Finally, I can get out there and start not having money!"

I believe every person that goes to college truly believes that their education is going to wing them to the land of milk and first. But, over this past year I've come to think success in life really is all about attrition. Can you "wait it out" in order to get to your dreams? Can you persevere, all the while feeling weak from nourishment-lacking Top Ramen?

I'm trying to stay positive. I really do want get professionally the name of journalism. But I'm drenched in Recession...and all the job hunting is starving my poor little blog.

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Miss Grace said...

Apparently, sheesh.

Are you opposed to reading books that may be targeted towards children?

I promise it's good.