Friday, October 3, 2008

Thanks given

I'd like to thank everyone who expressed concern over my not-so-brief hiatus. I really appreciate everyone's concern and good advice. I'm trying to work my way back into writing shape and I'm still not very inspired. Don't fret if I lapse into longer than a day periods of inactivity...I won't bail again.

Obviously I haven't had the best start to fall. I imagine joblessness feels something like impotence. Hopefully I'll never be able to say that with certainty. They say misery loves company, and if that idiom were true, my life could currently be labeled a lovefest. I have three friends who were also laid off in the past two months with jobs ranging from real estate agent to pool cleaner. Bummerific.

Anyhow, the search continues. It would be nice if I could at least get a callback for some of these gigs. If things continue like this, I'm probably going to have to resort to kicking in company HR doors and forcing employers to screen me at butterknifepoint. I wonder if I can make the lead story on the 10 o'clock news for forcible interview.

Well there's always the circus.

Have a good weekend everyone. And don't dread Sunday. Trust me, if everyday was a Saturday, then you um, probably need a job.


AnnaC said...

yay...another post.

unemployed people unite.

I have to say that I am happily unemployed right now; though technically I am just under-employed because I have found a part time job ... though it's not steady... it's something.

Badass Geek said...

As those fond of cliches say, good things come in time, or to those who wait, or in small packages.

Not sure which is appropriate in this case.

thecusp said...

You never know about that "kicking in HR doors & demanding they screen me at butterknife point" thing. I am not kidding when I tell you a friend of mine robbed a convenience store in the 90
s with...yes...a butter knife. She didn't think it was very funny when I decided her new nickname was...yes...'Butter Knife'.
#1 - I'm so glad you're still writing and funny (I would not be glad you were writing if you were not funny)
#2 - Though I'm not glad your friends have been laid off, I'm glad you're all together
#3 - Don't do anything that would make me give you a new nickname

Aub said...

@AnnaC: I'm gonna probably get a little evening part-time job in either the resilient food service or arms dealing industries.

@Badass: Lol. I'm not sure either, but hopefully I won't be waiting too long.

@thecusp: Thanks. I'm still working on getting a sense of humor about things going, but it's coming along. What if I held employers hostage with rubber dog poo? Would I thereafter be known as "rubber poo-man"?

Anonymous said...

Hey, my friend, do not have to 'work' on getting a sense of humor. You are already hilarious. Yes...I know what you mean about things being serious. But nothing, and I mean nothing, could possibly take out that great sense of humor you have! And you know...I'm all about the 'poo' as I am, indeed, described by those closest to me as '10% monkey throwing poo'. I say poo away!

Heather said...

Do you have any temp services where you live? My aunt goes to one here, and has gotten jobs at places like Avon. My brother has done temp work for Amazon (he is full time there now). This is usually a good time of year for temp work because of the holidays coming up. And temp work is also good because once you have had a few interviews and all that, and found a permanent job, you can just quit the temp work. I am thinking of doing some myself, not until after Christmas though, just so we can get our condo paid off faster and MOVE.

Lola said...

Sometimes a sense of humor is all you've got, man. I'd go with the poo. I think you'd get some great media coverage out of that, which could lead to huge job offers. Everyone likes creativity!

Miss Grace said...

You could always go the way of YouTube video fame, I mean, cmon, a bunch of 'em got to be in Weezer's music video and be, like, sort of, um, ACTUALLY famous.

Or you could just keep blogging and applying for jobs. Whateva'

apathetic bliss said...

I have recently started back to work. Unemployment is one of those watch what you wish for things. It is very depressing unless you are already independently wealthy.
I am glad you are back even if it is sporadic....
things will look up...good thin gs happen when you least expect them...yadayadayada and all the rest of that bullshit.