Tuesday, August 5, 2008

In which I am uninspired (sick)

Sorry it has been such a stretch between posts. I typically stay away from the computer on weekends, and I just haven't felt that good since Sunday. Have you ever had one of those weekends where everything that transpires seems fun, but by the time you hit Monday you feel broken-down and lifeless? This past weekend has done that to me, and it's left me completely uninspired...and sick.

Ray Bradbury once wrote that a person wanting to become a good writer should write EVERY day - no exceptions. I wonder if he felt that way after Tequila Tuesdays or Fountain Fridays or Sangria Sundays. Lame excuse, I know. I suppose bender fatigue never hurt Hemingway's production. But, it sure doesn't look like it did much for his stability either.

I think my lack of sleep and stratospheric BAC level over the course of the weekend gave my immune system the go-ahead to take a vacation. Then, some nasty, villainous germ waltzed into the Ole' temple control room and now sits there...cackling and twirling its mustache. My throat itches. I can't stop sneezing. I feel like (Jaundice-inflicted) Adrien Brody looked at the end of "
The Pianist."

So I have no desire to attempt wit. I feel no compunction over not entertaining. I just wanted anybody who cared to know that I'm not dead yet; there will be a proper update as soon as my mojo gets cold or hungry enough to come home; and you should never sleep beneath an open window on a chilly night. You'll end up sick, unfunny...uninspired.


April said...

Feel better Brother Bear =) I just got over an unyielding stomach flu myself...hung around 5 1/2 days! Be thankful its just a cold! Hang in there =) Love, Sis

Aub said...


Thanks sis. Glad you feel better.

AnnaC said...

So, how about writing during the bender??

You can always safe it as a draft ... and delete or post depending on how you feel later.

Whatever you share doesn't have to be perfect, witty or even entertaining...

hope tomorrow finds you better!

Heather said...

Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well. =(

I suppose that is sound advice on writing, IF you are trying to become a better writer. =P I'm just trying to become a better comedian. So far - not looking good.

Badass Geek said...

Feel better soon, man.

A decent hamburger always makes me feel better.

Aub said...


That actually might be the most entertaining writing method of all. I might try that.


Well, I think you're funny, and I'm sure there are plenty of other readers who agree.

@Badass Geek:

Thanks dude. That's the type of advice I love!

Miss Grace said...
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Lil Sass said...

I was wondering where you were! Isn't it so funny that we check in with each other? You and BAG saying, "I'm posting but you ain't gettin' much from me!"

Feel better and lay off the bottle you ol drunken pirate!

Aub said...


Sorry about your ickiness. I hear sickness comes in threes. Or was that something else?

@Lil Sass:

Yeah, if I'm near a computer I constantly check on you guys. And you're right, Sass, I'm THE Captain Morgan between Thursday and Sunday. Not necessarily good.

Kat said...

Sorry to hear you are under the weather. Hope you feel better soon. Looking forward to the next posts. Hemingway may not have needed a couple days off after a bender, but I know I sure would.

Aub said...


Thank you. I'll be back to normal soon, I think.

Lola said...

The key is to come up with the post while you're drinking, not when you're hanging!

You're so right about the open window thing. I've had that happen before.

I'm smack dab in the middle of coming down with my husband's nasty-ass cold just as he is getting better. Mr. Lazy doesn't cover his mouth or wash his hands.

Feel better, man. I'll be looking for sympathy tomorrow!

Aub said...


Thank you.

I'm looking forward to a hilarious illness germ/cleanliness/illness blog from you tomorrow!

LilSass said...


(just sending you more wishes